The Dog

K9 Nosework – Detection Work for Pet Dogs

A few months prior to getting involved with the search and rescue dogs, I started looking for resources that would help me understand how detection dogs work. Professional detection dogs are trained to use their noses to sniff out specific odors, most commonly: live people, dead people, drugs, bombs, and fire accelerants. These dogs can also be used to sniff out totally novel smells, like the scent of ivory (to help stop poaching) or the scent of caterpillar poop (to help with conservation!)

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Rally sleeping on the front seat of the rental car.
The Dog

Meet Rally

Meet Rally, the newest member of the Hitchcock team. She’s a 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy who joins us all the way from Mexico, New York. As often happens in our life, I am a little bit surprised…

Life Post-Bus

2017 Updates + Future Plans

Hello, hello! I looked at my calendar a few days ago and saw that we are officially into double digit months. It seems like just last week that we were flip-flopping between chilly winter mornings and warm spring afternoons,…