2016 Trip Map

A. West Yellowstone, MT  |  April 8
We left our hibernation spot right in the beginning of April, after pulling the bus out of storage. Along the way we had to stop for some impromptu repairs and adventures.

B. Sedona, AZ  |  April 8 – 21
This was our first trip to Sedona and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Here are some of the highlights:

C. Flagstaff, AZ  |  April  21 – April 29
We cut our Sedona time a little bit short so that Alyssa could visit a physical therapist up in Flagstaff. Luckily Flagstaff is surrounded by killer singletrack and easily accessible forest service land, so hanging out here for a few days wasn’t an inconvenience!

D. Moab, UT  |  April  30 – May 17
Moab is one of our favorite spots in the Southwest, and we were stoked to spend a good chunk of time there this summer! We visited with some old friends, made some new ones, and Will competed in his first mountain bike race.

E. Fruita, CO  |  May 17 – May 31
Though we’ve driven through Fruita / Grand Junction on several occasions this is our first extended stay. So far, so good!

F. Boulder, CO  |  May 31 – June 4
We can’t visit Colorado without spending at least a few days in Boulder. This is the biggest city that we’ve been too so far on our trip (and really feels like it), but it’s always good to catch up with old and new friends on the front range.

G. Winter Park, CO  |  June 4 – June 17
We spent a winter season in Winter Park and Fraser a couple of years ago, but never got to experience the spring and summer season. Easy camping, tons of trails, and barely any people. What’s not to love?

H. Larkspur, CO  |  June 17 – 24
Added bonus destination! We were planning on being in Leadville for most of June and July for Alyssa’s trail races, but after she sprained her ankle we ended up pushing them to 2017, which freed up a whole month of possibility! We headed down to Larkspur to take a 5 day Wilderness First Responder course with Colorado Outside.

I. West Yellowstone, MT  |  June 24 – Current
Home sweet home! It feels good to be back in a place that feels like home. In West Yellowstone we have a permanent campsite (with fresh water and sewer hookups!) at Will’s grandparents house. We also have access to our truck, so we don’t have to drive the bus everywhere. Life is good!