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Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt Review
The Dog Gear Reviews

Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt

I used the Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt ($30) a few times this spring, while we were in California building the bus. We haven't used it too much while on the road, because we generally choose to visit areas…

The Dog 2015 Summer Journal

Accident Report: Porcupined

Last Thursday I was hiking with Hilde when she got “porcupined” right in the mouth. It’s common in the outdoor community to write up an accident report when something goes wrong, so that your mistakes can help others avoid them in…

big dog, tiny house
The Dog

Big Dog, Tiny House

As I write this the rain is tapping lightly on the top of the bus. The sound of the rain is much more vibrant out here than it is in a house, and I love the feeling. Will sits to…

Preparing for a dog emergency: 3 easy steps to set yourself up for success
The Dog

Preparing for a Dog Emergency

“GET THE VET ON THE PHONE, NOW!” Will shouted at me as he burst through the bus door. Surprised, I told him to slow down – what was going on? Apparently Hilde had been poking around in the garage…

Hilde sticking her head out the window of the bus
The Dog

Meet Hilde, the Ultimate Adventure Dog

We started discussing the idea of adding a dog to our life in early 2013, back before we moved to Colorado. Alyssa grew up with dogs and is a lifetime animal lover, but Will had never had a pet…

The Dog

Top 10 Adventure Dog Hacks!

Summer is almost here, which means DOG ADVENTURES! Ok, ok – we know you and your pup adventure in all the seasons, but summer is probably the most fun! In the last year of adventures with Hilde, Will and…