The Day We Almost Missed

Confession: It’s easy to become a “snow snob” when you live in a resort town. We almost didn’t make it out on the mountain this morning. Yes, there had been snow yesterday, but the afternoon sun got warm and melted everything in sight. We were feeling grumpy about the warm winter weather, and weren’t planning on skiing for the next few days. Here’s a depressing photo of our visible lawn, for reference:

View of our not-snow-covered lawn

If not for a text from new friend Trevor, we would have stayed snug in our beds and missed what could possibly be the best all around backcountry day we’ve had all year!

We met Trevor at the Current Creek parking lot and were surprised to see an unmistakably fresh 4″ of powder, with no other cars in sight. The sky was clear and blue… things were looking up!

View from the Current Creek Pullout

View from the parking lot – looking like it’s going to be a good day!

Hilde in her Ruffwear backpack, can't be bothered for a photo op

Trying to get a good photo of Hilde in her Ruffwear pack… she’d rather bury herself in the snow!

The sun rose quickly and we shed layers just as fast as we cruised up the skin track towards the “Middle 110’s.” Our dog Hilde and Trevor’s pup Lucy had a great time exploring the area and chasing one another around.

Backcountry Dogs

Hilde and Lucy duking it out

As we reached the top of our line we couldn’t help but take a few minutes to enjoy the gorgeous, windless day unfolding around us… transition times be damned! Today was the first time Will and I had been above Current Creek without a breath of wind, and we were sure to soak it all in.

Will & Trevor transitioning

Will & Trevor transitioning

Pretty view of the Postage Stamp

Pretty view of the Postage Stamp

Mt. Russell and the Moonlight Bowl

Mt. Russell and the Moonlight Bowl in the distance

Mid 110s transition

We ended up taking two laps because the snow was that good. 4-6″ of fresh powder over some more consolidated snow from last week resulted in some crazy fun ski conditions – deep enough to give that powder float, but fast enough that we didn’t get bogged down on the lower angle sections.

Will Hitchcock


All in all, a wonderful day that we owe completely to Trevor, for pushing us to get out on a day we normally would have skipped. Makes me think how many days like this we’ve missed out on… and that we should make a better effort to get out on the “mediocre” days in the future!

Trip Map & Details:

Map of our trip

Want more specific details? Click Here to check them out!

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