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June 2015

2015 Summer Journal

Work-cationing & Dosewallips Running

So… Washington is gorgeous! We spent some time here last summer as well, but didn’t get to do very much exploring because Will had a broken collar bone. Now we’ve had a taste, and we want more! The dense…

2015 Summer Journal

Walmart, Portland, Hoodsport

Yesterday was our second full day of traveling on the bus and I’m happy to say that everything went off without a hitch. We ended up staying in a Walmart parking lot overnight, which went better than I expected.…

2015 Summer Journal

Trip Journal: Auburn to Ashland

Welcome to the first entry in our trip journal! I’m writing this post from the bus couch on I5, just north of Redding. I still can’t believe that I’m sitting here right now. Just a few days ago we…