2015 Summer Journal

Walmart, Portland, Hoodsport

Yesterday was our second full day of traveling on the bus and I’m happy to say that everything went off without a hitch. We ended up staying in a Walmart parking lot overnight, which went better than I expected. The coolest thing about the bus is that even when you’re in a parking lot (sorry Walmart, we appreciate your hospitality, but the scenery leaves a little to be desired) it can still feel like home.

I slept great, but Will said he had a hard time staying asleep with all of the light and activity going on outside. Throughout the night there were people coming and going, the street sweeper cruised through, and the lights stayed on. I think we’re going to add some additional curtains at the front of the bus, beef up our curtains in the bed area, and maybe add a completely removable curtain at the end of the bed to keep things a little darker.

In the morning we got up, made coffee, and visited with my family who happened to be staying in the hotel across the street. We’ve had a few parking lot breakfasts in the past, but this was definitely the nicest – not having to juggle getting in and out of the car to cook is a huge luxury!

Before long we were back on the road. The drive from Medford to Portland was easy. We encountered a little rain and realized we are in desperate need of new windshield wipers, but it was smooth sailing other than that.

Outside Found

We arrived in Portland just in time to meet one of my best friends, Annie, for lunch. She offered to drive out of the city to meet us in a more bus friendly locale, but Will was feeling confident so we decided to test our skills in downtown Portland. We navigated through the city streets and found parking just a few blocks from our destination without u-turns, swearing, or tears… success! (Side note, I didn’t get a photo with Annie and I’m so bummed. New rule: photos with all those we stop to meet!)

Outside Found | Driving in downtown Portland

After lunch we hopped back on the bus and cruised the rest of the way up to Hoodsport. The weather was nice and there were a TON of RVs out on the road! It’s funny how much more we notice them, now that we’re in the same crowd. The bus sits up much higher than a regular car, giving me a great view into the cabs of trucks and RVs. I love waving at them and thinking about where they’re going and what their story is. It’s funny to see people’s reactions to the bus – lots of people stare, some look excited, some look critical, but everybody loves Hilde, hanging her head out the window!

Outside Found | Hilde loves her couch

We arrived in Hoodsport around 4pm and Hilde went straight into the ocean. We think she’s decided to become a seal – no more landlubbing for this girl.

We’re working today, but the rest of the week will be full of fun adventures. Check back soon!

Outside Found | Hoodsport, WA

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