2015 Summer Journal

Following the Bear | Targhee Creek, Idaho

Happy Monday! We spent the weekend enjoying the gorgeous wilderness of Western Montana. Yesterday we hiked up Targhee Creek with Will’s family – an absolutely stunning hike. In the fresh mud from Saturday night’s rain we saw some enormous grizzly tracks. It looked like he had enjoyed the same hike as we did, just a few hours earlier.

Grizzly Scratches | Targhee Creek, IdahoWe stopped for lunch at a shady clearing and noticed that the bear had done so as well – the tree had fresh claw marks and cinnamon colored hair stuck to the sap. Hilde was very bear-aware, and was quite protective of our group when other hikers approached. It’s good to know that she can turn on the “big dog bark” when she’s feeling uncomfortable. We didn’t ever get close enough to see him, which is probably for the better.

I still haven’t ever seen a grizzly bear in the wild. Will’s been spending summers in Montana for his whole life, so we’re well versed on safe travel in bear country: we always carry our bear spray and have talked through the “plan of action” should we ever cross paths with one. We know that the more time we spend in the Montana backcountry, the more likely we are to have a bear encounter, but we’re ok with that. Seeing the tracks on the trail was quite exhilarating for all!

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