2015 Summer Journal

An Attitude Change

I wrote a few weeks ago about the stickers we ordered for the front and back of the bus. They’re here, and they are awesome! (We got them from CarStickers.com – highly recommended!)  They arrived late last week and we put them up as quickly as possible. When we got on the road on Friday we immediately noticed the difference in people’s attitudes around the bus.

When we set out on the bus in June we were ready (and excited!) to meet new people and show off the bus in the places we visited, but it didn’t quite happen that way. We could tell that people were very interested in the bus, but rarely would they ask questions or even acknowledge us. Honestly, I think the bus is a little creepy on its own. People weren’t sure what to make of it, so they just kept to themselves.

Adding the stickers gave people context for our adventure: no, we aren’t a bus full of prisoners, or boy scouts, or Ken Kesey fanatics, we’re just two people and a dog trying to spend as much time as possible. Now when people see the bus, they smile, wave, and strike up conversations about Outside Found. The change in attitude is amazing, and we’ve already met a ton of neat people who were curious about what we’re doing. Who would have thought!

Along those lines, life on the bus gets smoother every day. The first few weeks were a tough transition, and we felt really lonely on the road. Now, about two months in, we’re starting to feel comfortable in our routines and have enough people around to feel like we have a great community supporting us. Part of that community is the readers of this blog. Thank YOU for following along!

We’re currently in Jackson Hole. Tomorrow we’re planning on climbing the Middle Teton, and then we set off for a weekend backpacking adventure in the Wind River Range. After that we’ll zoom down to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Stay tuned!


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