2015 Summer Journal

Climbing in Bear Canyon

Climbing in Bear Canyon, Bozeman MT

Will and I have been very spoiled for the past few days. Not only do we get to spend time in the amazing city of Bozeman, Montana, but we get to hang with one of Will’s best childhood friends, Merrill. There’s no denying the fact that being on the road can get a little lonely, and we have definitely felt that when we travel to new places. Here in Bozeman, Merrill has been pulling out all the stops and we are absolutely loving it! We’ve met so many incredible people who have interesting life stories and love the outdoors as much – or more – than us that we just can’t help feeling like Bozeman is the place for us. One of our goals for this trip was to find a place to “settle down” when we’re ready to put the bus away, and Bozeman is now the clear leader of the pack!

Yesterday we headed out to Bear Canyon for a little after-work climbing. Montana isn’t known for great climbing, but we had a ton of fun playing around on some moderate routes just outside of town. The hike in was easy and the dogs had a great time racing around us, enjoying their freedom and togetherness. They’re not even in these hiking photos because they were having so much fun zooming!

When the dogs get like that we call it the zoomies. Merrill calls it the woo-hoos. We were just discussing the other day what it looks like when people get the zoomies – is it the freedom of downhill skiing on an awesome powder day? Mountain biking? I think it’s probably different for everyone, and that is just so cool. What do you call it when your dog starts zipping around uncontrollably?

Climbing in Bear Canyon, Bozeman MT Climbing in Bear Canyon, Bozeman MT

The base of the climb was a little rock ledge that had been fortified with some downed lodgepole pines.

Climbing in Bear Canyon, Bozeman MT

It was a little bit tight for three humans + two dogs!

Climbing in Bear Canyon Bozeman MT

Climbing in Bear Canyon Bozeman MT

Will led two routes and set up our anchors, then Merrill and I followed. We would have loved to get more climbing in, but Montana did her thing and blew in a bunch of thunder and lightning, so we got out of there pretty quick.

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Hilde really didn’t love this activity. She had a bunch of fun playing with Hugo on the way up, but for some reason the climbing really stressed her out. Any time one of us was up on the wall she breathed with a high pitched whining noise that sounded like a squeeky toy being barely squeezed 10 times per second. Truly, one of the most annoying noises she’s ever made. It’s clear that we have some training to do to make her the ultimate crag dog!

Climbing in Bear Canyon, Bozeman MT

Thank you, Merrill, for showing us an awesome time in Bozeman so far!

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