2015 Summer Journal

Moving On: Idaho Falls & Driggs, Idaho

Last Friday we packed up, said goodbye to Will’s grandparents, and rolled out of West Yellowstone for the second time this summer. We’re now officially on the open road – we have a flight to catch from Durango in the end of September, but until then we’re footloose and fancy free.

From West Yellowstone we cruised down to Idaho Falls, where we left our truck at a vehicle storage facility. When we return to Montana in November we’ll leave the bus in Idaho Falls and drive the rest of the way (which includes a steep mountain pass) in the truck. Explaining the logic to the storage company was funny, but they got it in the end.

After dropping off the truck  we met up with one of Will’s childhood friends who lives and works in Idaho Falls. He gave us a little walking tour of the town and we had a fantastic dinner at the Snakebite restaurant downtown. It’s always awesome to connect with people we haven’t seen in a while!

Bellies full, we headed down to Driggs, Idaho where we were planning on spending the night. We had heard of some great camping just out of town, but by the time we rolled in it was dark and we were tired. We had so much success with “neighborhood camping” in Bozeman that we figured one night on the streets of sleepy little Driggs would be fine. Will is developing a strategy for neighborhood campsite picking:

  1. Find a quiet street – no street lights, sidewalks, or significant traffic
  2. Try to park in “no man’s land” – not directly in front of anybody’s house
  3. Put the front door of the bus in a bush – it makes snooping around harder
  4. Spend as little time as possible on the bus – if it’s not time for bed, get out and do something. If it is time for bed, go to sleep quickly and don’t dawdle with the lights on.

The evening came and went without any surprises, and we got up and out of our spot early the next morning without any consequences. We’re getting pretty good at this!




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