The Bus 2015 Summer Journal #BusLife

The New Welcome Mat

Since we’ve arrived in Bozeman the bus has spent a lot of time parked on city streets. Sometimes all three of us are on it, working away, sometimes Hilde holds down the fort while we play in town, and sometimes it’s all by itself. No matter who’s on the bus, it attracts some attention! So far Bozeman has been an incredibly bus friendly city, and nobody has said anything negative to us about the bus, but you can tell when people walk, bike, and drive by: their mouths hang open, they do a double take, sometimes they walk right up and look in the door!

This isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, we’ve met a few very cool people due to their curiosity surrounding the bus. However, I can’t help but think that some people might see the bus in a negative light since they don’t know Will and I. Last week I put up this little handwritten sign in the window to give lookie-loos some more information. It’s also nice to give some contact info in case we parked it in an inconvenient spot or something happened to Hilde – you never know. People LOVE it! I think giving some context to the big white bus gives it a lot more personality, which makes people more likely to like us.


We’ve been wanting to “brand” the bus for a while now and this was the perfect push to get us started. So far I’ve redone our handwritten note and ordered two huge window stickers, for the front and back of the bus.

We’re hoping that these little pieces of personality encourage people to come talk to us about the bus. We know they’re curious, and  we want to meet them! If you see us on the road, feel free to come visit us!



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