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Eulalia’s Story – Hungry To Learn

Today’s post is a little bit different from our usual programming. Will and I talk often about how lucky we are to be alive in the age of the Internet. We graduated college and started our careers at the precise moment that “working remotely” started to become popular, and without the Internet we definitely wouldn’t where we are now.

On the other hand, we don’t often discuss other things we’re lucky to have, which have also played a huge part in our success: loving families, healthy food and clean water, a feeling of safety and security, and access to an incredible education system. I feel especially lucky to have grown up with all of these benefits, because they are not ubiquitous for women around the globe.

Today’s post benefits CARE.org, a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting global poverty by empowering women and girls. In the spirit of “back to school,” CARE is bringing light to the barriers that many girls face when trying to get an education. These girls are hungry to learn, and it breaks my heart that they have to work so hard just to get the opportunity to attend classes.

Visit CARE.org to see how you can help the Hungry to Learn project!

Meet Eulalia, a 9 year old girl from Peru. There is no school in her village, so every Sunday night she hops on the back of her father’s motorcycle and rides down to her boarding school, run by CARE. At school she studies two languages (Spanish and her native Quechua) math, science, and art. At the end of the week, her father picks her up on the back of his motorcycle, and they do it all again. Talk about commitment!

The best thing about Eulalia? Being able to attend school has inspired her to want to become a teacher herself. Because of CARE, she’ll go on to impact the lives of hundreds of other girls. Get to know Eulalia a little bit better –


  • 31 million girls are currently out of school
  • Keeping girls out of school sentences them to a life of poverty and poor health
  • Women earn 10-20% more for every year of school completed
  • Children of educated mothers are twice as likely to go to school
  • Children born to literate moms are 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5

Statistics provided by CARE.org


If you believe that empowering women through education will make the world a better place, I hope you’ll join Will and I in investing in girls’ education across the world. All you need to do is visit the #HungryToLearn Website to learn more about their programs, and see how you can help!

If you really want to make a difference, CARE helps facilitate “back to school” gifts for all budgets: a backpack and school starter kit for only $26, a scholarship to attend secondary school for $143, or even commitment to build an entire school for only $690. If you don’t have the means to donate, simply educating yourself and spreading the word about CARE’s #HungryToLearn project will help immensely. Together, we can raise awareness and help these girls who are hungry to learn!


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