2015 Summer Journal Places

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

At the end of August we took the bus over Teton Pass into Jackson Hole, Wy. During the week we spent there we biked excellent trails, ate great food, and made some new friends. Here are a few of the highlights from our trip!

Food & Drink

Persephone Bakery – Amazing baked-in-house pastries, delicious coffee, and the line to match! Seriously, this place is worth the wait but it’s good to arrive early in the morning or in the afternoon to beat the pre-Teton National Park breakfast crew.

Cowboy Coffee Co – Good coffee and friendly staff, but the Cowboy Breakfast Croissant here is to die for. I may never eat another breakfast croissant again, because there’s no way it could be as good as this one.

Pica’s Mexican Taqueria – I’m not one to seek out Mexican food outside of California, because it tends to be bland and tasteless. Pica’s is another story! The burritos were big, the baja fish tacos were crispy, and the guac was homemade. Bonus, they have a nice outdoors patio that looks like it allows dogs.

Snake River Brewing Co – We didn’t visit SRBC this time around but had such a great experience there over the winter that I couldn’t not include it. Delicious food, tasty beers, fantastic atmosphere!

Creekside Market & Deli – The true hidden gem of Jackson, this market and deli is a total hole in the wall. In the back corner of the store they have a fully featured liquor store complete with icee machines serving “Sloshies,” or alcoholic slushies. These aren’t your regular convenience store slurpees, either: Creekside makes them fresh daily with real fruits! We had Greyhound (vodka + grapefruit juice) and Piña Colada. For the best experience, bike all day before visiting Creekside. Load up on sloshies and gas station snacks then head over to the park across the way for an excellent (and affordable!) dirtbag happy hour.

Garage Grown Gear

We visited Amy, the founder of Garage Grown Gear, in Driggs, Idaho. GGG is a very cool company that brings together our two favorite things: outdoorsy gear and startups! Amy focuses on finding (and vetting, which is so awesome) the coolest home grown outdoors gear. Garage Grown Gear is the place to go if you’re looking for the latest in ultralight or up and coming gear! Amy hooked us up with some amazing foods for our Wind River Trip, along with some other goodies. We have a fun collaboration coming up, stay tuned for more info.


Amy telling us a little more about Garage Grown Gear and what they’re working on in their Driggs, ID office space.


Driving into Jackson Hole

Hilde enjoyed some quality window time on our way over Teton Pass and into Jackson Hole.

150825-Jackson-60 150825-Jackson-47 150825-Jackson-36

Camping in Curtis Canyon

Curtis Canyon sits just above Jackson, about a 30 minute drive out of town through the National Elk Refuge. The Campground itself sits in a grove of trees, but because we needed space for bus + van + truck, we opted for one of the free group sites just across the dirt road. The views of the Tetons from the top of the hill were unparalleled… definitely recommended, no matter the size / type of vehicle you’re driving!

150825-Jackson-76 150825-Jackson-73


View from the top of the bus with the Tetons off on the smoky horizon.


Movie night in Curtis Canyon. This is the best movie setup I’ve ever had. Hands down.


The bus making its way slowly out of Curtis Canyon with the Tetons off in the distance.


Biking Teton Pass

So far he bus has taken us through Washington, Idaho, and Montana before finally depositing us in Jackson. We’ve biked a lot of trails in the last couple of months and Teton Pass has some of the best out there. There’s something for everyone, from easy cross country to some big time-mandatory air downhill. The old Teton Pass highway still winds its way up through the canyon and is the perfect way to climb up to the top of these trails. If you’re lucky (and I don’t think you have to be that lucky here), you can hitch a ride with someone all the way to the top of the pass. A couple of our favorites on the trip were Black Canyon, Jimmy’s Mom, and Phillip’s Ridge. One thing that made the riding super sweet this time around was having some really talented riders with us that could push our speed a little on the way down.


Brooks jamming through a little rooty section on Black Canyon


Synchronized scratching with Brooks and Lydia.


Brooks with a pile of Yetis hitchhiking to the top of Teton Pass.


Loading up Will’s bike in the back of Brooks’ and Lydia’s truck for some laps on Teton Pass.


Lydia charging through another rooty section on Black Canyon (there were a lot of them).

150825-Jackson-123 150825-Jackson-113


Lydia, Alyssa, and Rachel take it all in on the climb up Phillip’s Ridge



Crossing the creek over one of the many log bridges on the Phillip’s Ridge trail.


Alyssa looking stoked with Lydia right before going over the bars on the Phillip’s Ridge descent.

The aftermath of going over the bars on the Phillip's Ridge descent. Still looking stoked. Alyssa is a trooper.

The aftermath of going over the bars on the Phillip’s Ridge descent. Still looking stoked. Alyssa is a trooper.

Moving on from Jackson

The week we spent in Jackson was incredible and we’ll definitely be back there soon. We took so many photos that we had to dump just a few of the highlights in here. I’m sure we’ll be back in Jackson over the winter for some skiing so stay tuned for some cool weather posts from Jackson this upcoming season.


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