2016 Summer Journal

Weekend Update: Exploring Flagstaff

Outside Found bus parked in the pine forests of Flagstaff

We are loving Flagstaff! This is our first visit and I was really surprised by how mountainous it is – at 6,900 ft, the area reminds me more of Big Bear, CA than other parts of Arizona. It’s also quite a bit colder… we are very glad we decided to add the fan forced air RV heater last summer!

There is convenient / free RV parking right downtown, so we’ve had a chance to explore quite a bit more than we did in Sedona. We’ve been loving Mother Road Brewery, Pizzicleta, and The State Bar, to name a few. It’s fun to be back in a college town!

So far we’ve gotten a lot of great recommendations for eating, camping, and adventuring in Flagstaff. If you’ve been here, we would love your advice!

Outside Found bus parked in the pine forests of Flagstaff

Trails & Adventure

I’m still out of commission (making good use of our hammock and a making decent dent in my summer reading collection!) but Will has been taking full advantage of the local trail systems for both mountain biking and running. Here’s his take:

Flagstaff must be the most underrated bike destination that we have visited so far. Sedona draws you in, but Flagstaff is what will keep you in the area for weeks, building your legs up  for the season to come.

So far I’ve focused riding in the Mt. Elden / Dry Lakes trail systems. These trails include miles and miles of singletrack that range from flowy beginner trails rolling through pine forests to fast, choppy, old school black diamond descents on rocky terrain.

The real gems of the area, however, are the endless “social” trails peppered throughout system. In just the few rides I’ve been on so far, I’ve ridden world class technical riding, bike park style features, and some of the best flow trails anywhere. I’m looking forward to a few more rides this week and I’m sure that I’ll barely be scratching the surface of what Flagstaff has to offer.

Ankle Update

We kicked the weekend off on Friday morning with a visit to Dr. Wes Gregg of the High Performance Sport Center. This clinic came highly recommended and it’s clear why! Just walking into their offices made me feel like a super elite athlete (which I certainly am not.) Dr. Gregg thinks that with some good physical therapy I’ll be back on the trails in just a few weeks.

Taking care of injuries and healthcare on the bus is something we haven’t had to deal with before, and it’s much more challenging than dealing with them at home. While it definitely sucks to be sidelined at the trailhead while Will tears up the singletrack, it feels good to have a plan for moving forward.

Happy trails!

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