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Will Hitchcock

2016 JMT Honeymoon

An Outside Found Honeymoon

Though we haven’t shared too much on the blog, Alyssa and I have been busy planning our wedding for the past 15 months ever since our engagement at the former Elwha Dam site in Washington. We picked a date, found our perfect wedding…

2016 Summer Journal

Backpacking to Avalanche Lake

Montana has long been a special place for my family and me. When I was a kid, we’d spend every summer here exploring the nearby trails and adventuring in the woods around my Grandparents’ house near West Yellowstone. As…

2016 Summer Journal

Exploring New Wilderness in Montana

When I was growing up, “summer” was synonymous “Montana.” My parents were both teachers, so once the final school bell rang they packed up my brothers and I, along with our hiking, biking, and camping gear, and schlepped us out to my Grandparent’s…