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Sedona, Arizona

Although we haven’t visited a ton of places in the Southwest, Sedona has been one of our favorites so far. Not only are the landscape gorgeous and the trail system incredible, but nearly everywhere has cell service and there is…

2016 Summer Journal

Disappointment on the trail

The sun gets in my eyes as I sneak a glance of the wide valley laid out before me. The rocks in the trail are taking all of my concentration, but I’m fortunate that Will keeps reminding me to look up and take…


Telluride, Colorado

We’ve been lucky to be able to visit Telluride twice, in the summer and the winter. It’s a tight squeeze down in the box canyon, but the people are wonderful and we found it to be super bus friendly!…

2016 Summer Journal

2016 Objectives

The blog has been quiet for the past few weeks, as we've been enjoying life in West Yellowstone and traveling for the holidays. Now that it’s officially 2016, we’ve been planning our year like crazy! As we complete these…


Adventure Bucket List

From hiking the Haute Route to exploring the slot canyons of the Southwestern USA, here is our ultimate Adventure Bucket List! …