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Sedona, Arizona

Although we haven’t visited a ton of places in the Southwest, Sedona has been one of our favorites so far. Not only are the landscape gorgeous and the trail system incredible, but nearly everywhere has cell service and there is…


Telluride, Colorado

We’ve been lucky to be able to visit Telluride twice, in the summer and the winter. It’s a tight squeeze down in the box canyon, but the people are wonderful and we found it to be super bus friendly!…

Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt Review
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Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt

I used the Kurgo K9 Excursion Running Belt ($30) a few times this spring, while we were in California building the bus. We haven't used it too much while on the road, because we generally choose to visit areas…

2015 Summer Journal Places

Crested Butte, Colorado

We hit Crested Butte at the perfect time this year – the aspens were turning from green to gold, the weather was gorgeous, and the community was celebrating Vinotok, their annual pagan harvest festival. Here are our favorites!…

2015 Summer Journal Places

Bozeman, Montana

We had high expectations for Bozeman, but this amazing city blew them all out of the water! Unparalleled outdoor access, incredible people, delicious food… really, it couldn’t get any better than this! WHAT WE DID Mountain Biked at Goose…

Resources & Recommendations

Work-cationing in Moab, UT

Before buying the bus and committing to rove the USA in search of adventure full time, Will and I spent a year exploring the limits of our remote working setup. We own and operate Camp Four Creative, a partnership…