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2015 Summer Journal

The Dog 2015 Summer Journal

Accident Report: Porcupined

Last Thursday I was hiking with Hilde when she got “porcupined” right in the mouth. It’s common in the outdoor community to write up an accident report when something goes wrong, so that your mistakes can help others avoid them in…

2015 Summer Journal

Camping on Brush Creek Road

Not much to report today – it’s been rainy in Crested Butte so this week has been a much needed catch-up on work and rest. Of course, Will is dying to get out and bike, but I’m pretty happy…

2015 Summer Journal

Weekend Recap

We usually try to spend our weekends in one place, getting after a big objective one day and relaxing the next. This weekend was a crazy mashup of epic days, travel, and relaxation, all rolled in to one!  …

2015 Summer Journal

Race Recap: Hideaway 50K

Will and I had planned to kick off our bus trip by running a 50k in Issaquah, Washington. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the bus finished on time and didn't make the race. When the opportunity to run…

2015 Summer Journal

A Warm Welcome

Leaving Jackson last week, we were feeling good. Jackson turned out to be a very bus friendly city and we had a great time biking and hanging with new friends. Our next stop, after a quick backpacking stopover in…

2015 Summer Journal

Bus Life: Camp Laundry

I mentioned yesterday that we were working on getting our feet back under us – cleaning the bus, organizing the gear, getting back in the swing of things. One of those tasks was laundry. Surprisingly to me, lots of people…