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2015 Summer Journal

Bus Life: Camp Laundry

I mentioned yesterday that we were working on getting our feet back under us – cleaning the bus, organizing the gear, getting back in the swing of things. One of those tasks was laundry. Surprisingly to me, lots of people…

2015 Summer Journal

Embracing the Dirt

Last night around 9pm, I walked through the rain from the bus to the Steamboat KOA showers, and – let me tell you – it was by far the best shower I've ever taken. Yes, there was mold growing…

2015 Summer Journal

Building Community on the Road

We have been in Jackson, Wyoming, for the past week and are having an awesome time. As I mentioned yesterday, we're starting to get more comfortable with our bus routines, work is slowing down a bit (poor Will was…

2015 Summer Journal

An Attitude Change

I wrote a few weeks ago about the stickers we ordered for the front and back of the bus. They’re here, and they are awesome! (We got them from – highly recommended!)  They arrived late last week and…

The Bus 2015 Summer Journal #BusLife

The New Welcome Mat

Since we’ve arrived in Bozeman the bus has spent a lot of time parked on city streets. Sometimes all three of us are on it, working away, sometimes Hilde holds down the fort while we play in town, and…