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The Bus Renovation Journal

Update 8

Last week I had some pretty bummer updates. I’m happy to say that that is not the case this week – things are looking up! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last few days: 1. Crushing Contests!…

The Bus Renovation Journal

Update 9

We are officially within 1 month of our deadline! We have a LOT to do before setting off, and we’ve been making some great progress! Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks. Finished Ceiling In…

The Bus Renovation Journal

Update 10

Update 10! Today is June 1st. Six months ago we would have confidently told you that we’d be on the road by now… whelp, looks like we were a little optimistic! When we started thinking about the bus, our…

The Bus

Update 11

Today is June 11. We were originally shooting to leave by June 18 to run the Taylor Mountain 50k in Issaquah, Washington on June 20. That means we would have had exactly 7 left to get this thing done.…

The Bus Renovation Journal #BusLife

Bus Launch “Preflection”

Happy Monday! We’ve had a wonderfully productive weekend on the bus. Since my last update we installed our floors, cabinet shelves and doors, desktops, benches, table, shower, and toilet. We also hooked up the water, propane, and 110v electricity.…

The Bus Renovation Journal

Help Save the Outside Found Bus

Update 6/26/15: We got insurance! Long story short, Good Sam stepped up and helped us figure everything out. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help us figure this out! We’re excited to get on the road, more updates…