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2015 Summer Journal

Work-cationing & Dosewallips Running

So… Washington is gorgeous! We spent some time here last summer as well, but didn’t get to do very much exploring because Will had a broken collar bone. Now we’ve had a taste, and we want more! The dense…

2015 Summer Journal

Exploring Hidden Falls

Last week Will and I had a major case of bus overload, so we took the afternoon off to do some exploring. Okay, I’ll admit it. I was the one going crazy, but Will was fine. We took the…


Exploring Steven’s Trail

Since committing to running a trail marathon (me) and 50k (Will) in June, we’ve been doing a LOT of trail running lately. One of my favorite things about trail running is the ability to get out and explore new…


The Day We Almost Missed

Confession: It’s easy to become a “snow snob” when you live in a resort town. We almost didn’t make it out on the mountain this morning. Yes, there had been snow yesterday, but the afternoon sun got warm and…