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2016 JMT Honeymoon

An Outside Found Honeymoon

Though we haven’t shared too much on the blog, Alyssa and I have been busy planning our wedding for the past 15 months ever since our engagement at the former Elwha Dam site in Washington. We picked a date, found our perfect wedding…

2015 Summer Journal

Onward & Upward

Happy Friday! The past few days have been a whirlwind of family fun: hiking, fishing, and enjoying our time together. I’m sad to say that this wonderful crew will be leaving Montana tomorrow, and we’ll be getting on our way as…

2015 Summer Journal

Following the Bear | Targhee Creek, Idaho

Happy Monday! We spent the weekend enjoying the gorgeous wilderness of Western Montana. Yesterday we hiked up Targhee Creek with Will’s family – an absolutely stunning hike. In the fresh mud from Saturday night’s rain we saw some enormous…

2015 Summer Journal

Run – Hiking to Alaska Lake

This post was supposed to go out on Friday, but adventure got in the way. Whoops! I have a problem that runs in my family: the restless brain. A few times a month I’ll wake up earlier than Will…

2015 Summer Journal

Hiking in Tiger Mountain State Forest

Our first foray into non-regulated camping was our stay at Tiger Mountain State Forest near Issaquah, WA. The park is a popular spot for Seattleites to hike and mountain bike so it has some nice big parking lots just…