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The Dog

K9 Nosework – Detection Work for Pet Dogs

A few months prior to getting involved with the search and rescue dogs, I started looking for resources that would help me understand how detection dogs work. Professional detection dogs are trained to use their noses to sniff out…

2016 Summer Journal

Scenery and Solitude in Winter Park

Living in Boulder, perched smack in the middle of Colorado's Front Range, we grew well accustomed to heavily trafficked trails that were often choked with people. It didn't take us long to write Colorado's backcountry off as beautiful, but…

The Dog

Top 10 Adventure Dog Hacks!

Summer is almost here, which means DOG ADVENTURES! Ok, ok – we know you and your pup adventure in all the seasons, but summer is probably the most fun! In the last year of adventures with Hilde, Will and…


Trail Running and Marathon Prep

I’ve gotten really comfortable with the feeling of being new at things over the past few years. My first real introduction to camping was in 2011, shortly after Will and I started dating. After that experience I promptly fell…