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2016 Summer Journal

Exploring New Wilderness in Montana

When I was growing up, “summer” was synonymous “Montana.” My parents were both teachers, so once the final school bell rang they packed up my brothers and I, along with our hiking, biking, and camping gear, and schlepped us out to my Grandparent’s…

2016 Summer Journal

Scenery and Solitude in Winter Park

Living in Boulder, perched smack in the middle of Colorado's Front Range, we grew well accustomed to heavily trafficked trails that were often choked with people. It didn't take us long to write Colorado's backcountry off as beautiful, but…

2015 Summer Journal

Race Recap: Hideaway 50K

Will and I had planned to kick off our bus trip by running a 50k in Issaquah, Washington. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get the bus finished on time and didn't make the race. When the opportunity to run…