The Outside Found Bus

Hey! Thanks for stopping in. This is the home base for the Outside Found Bus Project – a crazy endeavor that we are currently smack in the middle of. Long and short of it, in 2014 we decided it would be a good idea to buy a used school bus, rip out the seats, and turn it into an RV. It took us about $30k and 5 months of hard labor to transform the bus from a metal shell to a tiny house, but we did it! We outfitted it with everything we’ll need on the road: a full kitchen with an RV fridge, gas stove, tiny oven, and hot and cold running water; a full bathroom with a composting toilet and shower; and areas for lounging, working, sleeping, and storing our outdoor gear. We’re almost 100% off the grid with solar electricity, propane, and a 65 gallon freshwater tank. Follow the links below to see our bus inspiration, follow along on our renovation journey, and check out the finished product!



Finished Bus Gallery »

The Bus

Bus Conversion Inspiration »

Before starting on our bus we combed the internet for the best skoolies we could find.
Here are some of our favorites!

The Bus

Bus Renovation Journal »

From start to finish, here are our notes! Read up on what worked, what didn’t, and how we did it.

The Bus